Quality Statement

Jensen Steel Fabricators Ltd is an established structural steel fabricator based in Mount Maunganui, providing a comprehensive service that includes steel detailing, fabrication, industrial coating and site construction.

Jensen Steel Fabricators Ltd is committed to total customer satisfaction, and compliance under all regulatory bodies. We aim to achieve these to the maximum level, and at a competitive cost. To ensure the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be trained for and responsible for identifying customer requirements and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to meet those requirements. Within this policy we are committed to operating Jensen Steel under the disciplines and control of an Internal Quality Assurance System that conforms to the requirements of the Construction Industry Quality Standard. Jensen Steel is ISO 3834 "Quality Requirements for Welding " accredited and aims to maintain this international standard at the highest level - Construction Category 4.

Objectives are needed to ensure that the policy is meet company wide and that continual improvement is maintained, determined, and monitored, at peridoic management meetings.

We aim to:

  • Understand our markets, customer needs and expectations, and continuously improve our service to facilitate growth
  • To be Industry leaders developing our technology and infrastructure continuously so that we offer the best product at the most competitive rate, that meets the clients expectations and changing demands of the market place.
  • Provide a high level of service to our clients and ensure, where issues when received are attended to in a timely manner with a view to eliminate the root cause and prevent recurrence.
  • Maintain a healthy and constructive work environment that enables personnel the opportunity to produce optimal output.
  • Continually comply with the requirements of Health and Safety Legislation, NZS 3404 Steel Structures Standards, as well as other relevant regulatory bodies.
  • Maintain ISO 3834 accreditation “Quality Requirements for Welding” at the highest level - Construction category 4
  • Ensure that all Jensen Steel personnel understand and fully implement our company policy to meet the objectives outlined.


Greg Jensen


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