What's Happening

22 December 2014

Jensen Steel Fabricators has very recently commissioned the Ocean Clipper Angle Master. This machine is produced Ocean Clipper machinery but also uses Peddinghaus technology and software.

The machine is designed to run Angle Iron up to 150mm, 16mm thick and up to 12m long. The machine punches on one axis and drills on the other and then crops the angle iron to length. The machine will help Jensen Steel gain efficiency in production making very quick work of fly bracing, cast in angles and cleats. Work that traditionally could be very labour intensive.

The Ocean Clipper Angle Master joins our other automated pre-cut machines. The Peddinghaus PCD 1100 Beam/Drill Line and Saw and the Peddinghaus FDB 1500 Plate Machine and Geka Cropper and Punch.


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