Build Your Career and Your Community!

August 7, 2022

Working within the steel industry is both challenging and rewarding. We started Jensen Steel Fabricators in 1987 and since then we’ve grown our team and helped enable career opportunities for our people.

We’re quite unique as we offer a one-stop-shop that covers a full range of capabilities. This means we have people working in a number of different jobs, all using different skillsets. At Jensen Steel Fabricators you can gain a career in the following:

·       Structural Steel Detailing

·       Structural Fabrication

·       Industrial Coating (Paint Shop)

·       Site Installation

·       Quantity Surveying

·       Project Management

We also offer apprenticeship programmes for the right people. Check out our Careers page to learn more about each job and the personal attributes ideal for each role.

The application for our steel is used in a range of projects including architectural, commercial, health and education, industrial, infrastructural, sport, recreation and tourism. 

We’re fortunate to work on projects across the North Island that are varied, interesting and complex. The projects often build or unite communities and that’s a great experience to be part of!  It’s an awesome feeling to see buildings in your community that you’ve helped created.

Training is critical for us and that’s why we continually invest in our people. We seek expertise from external sources and from within our business for our training programmes. Our training is robust and includes a variety of topics such as task specific, first aid, PPE fit testing and standard operating procedures. We offer a competitive pay rate, secure employment and you’ll be supported by an enthusiastic, collaborative, positive team environment.

Health, safety and wellbeing, has always been paramount to us.  We follow health and safety requirements; not only because they are legislated, but also because we believe in the importance of providing a healthy and safe workplace for all those that work with us, and the right for our team to get home safely every day.

With the health and safety legislations, we don’t just work to meet the requirements, but rather, put in policies, procedures and practices to exceed them. When we are involved in a project, health, safety and wellbeing are a constant, throughout the project. 

We currently have some exciting job vacancies ranging from steel fabricators through to site workers and painter roles.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow your career, be part of something special and leave a physical mark on the community you live, then come work with us!

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