Our Approach

We deliver structural steel solutions, the Jensen Steel way. The standard we set ourselves is high and one that is ingrained in everyone that works as part of our team, and one we consistently deliver to. The fundamental principle the business was formed on; creating exceptional service and high-quality product, is at the heart of what we do.​

Our people, our focus on quality throughout the company, our investment and use of technology and our robust health and safety policies, procedures and outcomes make us who we are.

The Jensen Steel Standard

The Jensen Steel Standard

Developing and maintaining contract requirements has always been of the highest priority for us. Our aim is to create long-lasting and successful relationships with clients. To achieve this, we set a company-wide standard to be totally committed to our projects and to make sure all areas of the business work together to complete the job; providing both excellent service and high quality of product.

​Our standard is one that everyone who works with us, delivers to, and a standard that our clients recognise and a key reason they choose to work with us.

Jensen Steel People, Plant and Place

People, Plant and Place

Our people are critical to the operation of our business. We pride ourselves on the culture we have at Jensen Steel Fabricators, and continually invest in our people with training and professional development. We are rewarded with staff who are experienced, long standing and reliable.

Having quality plant and equipment is paramount to our delivery of projects; successfully and safely. We own our own plant which means we are competent in using it as it’s known, it provides us flexibility and means we can use the right plant for the job.

Our location at Mount Maunganui is two kilometres from the Port of Tauranga and close to all major suppliers and cities, making us ideally situated to service contracts throughout the North Island.

Jensen Steel Working Together

Working Together

To ensure projects run smoothly, safely and successfully, we all need to work together.People, clear frequent communication, and building and maintaining relationships enable us to work together for the best outcome.  We always operate a well-prepared site and we are easy to work with.​

We also focus on supporting community growth, not only in the projects we are involved in but by giving back. We often have schools or polytechnics come for visits, or people interested in the industry approach us to learn more. We are always keen to help out by giving our time and sharing our knowledge.

Jensen Steel Moving Forward
Moving Forward

We know in the industry and market we operate, we cannot sit still, we must keep moving, growing and adapting. Our vision is committed to our people; training and staff development. We focus on continuous improvement of our people, systems and processes.

Our ongoing investment in R&D allows us to be up to date with the latest plant, technology and quality standards. We pride ourselves on this and it means we can continue to offer the best service and quality of product.

We continue to nurture and grow our partnerships as well as our relationships with clients.