Quality Control

Quality Throughout

Our business is built on quality and this is evident throughout the company from our people, product, equipment, plant, processes, technology and health and safety standards. This is apparent from the start of the project through to completion.

We set ourselves a goal to deliver quality outcomes and we achieve this for every project; this is the standard we have set ourselves.

Quality Standards

We always ensure our peoples knowledge and our quality standards are kept up to date and that we comply with any new standards introduced. We are not just focused on our own people either, we’re about keeping everyone else up to date and safe, so we happily share our knowledge within the industry. We are committed to operating under a Quality Assurance System that conforms to the requirements of the Construction Industry Quality Standard.

ISO 3834 Part 2: Quality Requirements for Welding
Jensen Steel Fabricators holds the international ISO Standard 3834 Part 2:​‘Quality Requirements for Welding’, and is certified to the highest category, Construction Category 4. We were one of the first two companies in New Zealand to gain Construction Category 4 accreditation and we are audited each year to ensure we are meeting the standard. Our entire QA system is based on the requirements of this ISO standard.

Quality Systems

While the people, plant and product used in each of our projects is of high-quality, the systems that allow us to consistently deliver our projects are also built with quality in mind. We operate three key systems; these systems are critical for us to deliver a quality solution, on time, every time.

StruM.I.S Project Management System
We are able to achieve production efficiencies, proven product quality and traceability by using this international recognised project management system. This system provides both project management and traceability advantages, and we are competent in our use of the system.

Tekla Structure Software
We model all our fabrication assemblies with the powerful Tekla Structure Software. Tekla Drawings are imported into StruM.I.S for production and relevant nc files directed to specialised drill-line and plate machines. It’s beneficial for all concerned that our steel detailing office is located on the fabrication site, allowing drawing changes to be immediate.

Conqa is an industry recognised online system that allows for site checking. Being able to utilise this system via tablet or phone, means we have access to real time data, whenever we need it, wherever we are.

Quality Commitment

As part of our ongoing quality commitment, we will: