Technology & Plant

We make sure we are always up to date with what's happening with the industry.

We continuously invest in technology and software systems to make sure our projects are delivered more efficiently and more safely.

Robot – Daito DCM 1100

Keeping in line with our emphasis on quality control, we always research extensively any technology before we purchase it, to make sure it's going to make our process and the end result better, for all parties concerned.  We were the first in the world to acquire the Daito DCM Coping and Drill Line Machine. This was the first model Daito produced which combined the robotic coping system and the automated drill line system in the same machine.   This machine is able to read and process nc information from our detailing team and cut and drill the steel as required. It also has the added ability to mark out beams to further quicken fabrication. It has been a great investment for our company.

TEKLA Detailing and CNC Technology

Tekla Detailing Software is used by our detailing team to produce shop drawings and nc files. The drawings are used by our fabrication and site installation teams to manufacture and construct our projects. The nc files are used in our various machines. Tekla Software is at the forefront of structural detailing software, and allows us to produce our 3D models and then in turn our shop drawings efficiently. Our detailing team utilise Tekla Software to also produce information specifically for our machine use (FDB Profile Machine, PCD Beamline and Daito DCM Machine) and also for our team onsite, with the help of surveying points and 3D models.

Site Machinery

We continue to make substantial investment in having our own site equipment. We own over 25 booms and scissors and have 7 different cranes, which allows us to complete a variety of work. We pride ourselves on having our own equipment and the positive impact to quality, workmanship and project delivery this makes.