Our Commitment to Training

Efficient processes, systems and technology are only part of the equation; to deliver exceptional service you require good people, and good people is what makes us tick. We have always valued our people which is why we continue to invest in the ongoing training of our staff.

​We pride ourselves on continuous improvement

Jensen Steel Meeting

We seek expertise from external sources and from within our organisation for our training programmes. Our training is robust and includes:

  • EWP

  • Fall Arrest & Working at Heights

  • Slinging and Dogman

  • Crane Operation

  • Gantry Crane Operation

  • Welder Certification

  • Forklift Operation

  • First Aid

  • PPE fit testing

  • ​Advanced Handler for Hazardous Goods

  • Apprenticeship programmes

  • Internal SOP’s

  • HERA trading programmes

  • Welding Inspector

  • Ongoing professional development courses

  • Management courses

  • Project Management

Proven Track Record

We have a vast amount of experience in the industry and have matched this with the successful delivery of quality outcomes, delivered on time. Our ongoing record of quality is underpinned by our commitment to training. We achieve great results because we have competent people.