Fostering the Next Generation of Engineering Talent!

April 17, 2023

A focus on community and giving back to the regions we live and work, has always been a core value for us. In regard to fostering and inspiring the next wave of engineering talent coming through, we regularly host schools and polytechnic students. This allows us to give these learners a first hand look at a functioning engineering facility with a tour of our place, so they can experience all the different aspects of our business.

"We recently had Mechanical Engineering Level 3 students from Toi Ohomai for a visit. It was a great opportunity for us to explain the different types of jobs involved in what we do, the different applications our steel work is used for and the rewarding career this industry provides. It's also quite humbling to foster their learning by providing insights and advice from our many years’ experience in this field. And of course, to answer all the questions these young, fresh minds have!" says Ben Jensen, Jensen Steel Fabricators.


Types of Work

When it comes to the type of work, at Jensen Steel Fabricators, we operate a one stop shop, providing a full range of services. These include:

Structural Steel Detailing - includes preparing plans, drawings and other documents for the fabrication and site teams.

Structural Fabrication - the practical component which includes cutting and welding, done by interpreting the drawings provided by the detailer.

Industrial Coating - this in essence is our 'paint shop', where we paint the steel to the colour specifications of the client.

Site Installation - the erecting of the steel structures onsite, this often involves working at height.

Quantity Surveying - this incudes surveying, estimating, schedule contracts, invoicing and variation systems.

Project Management - the day-to-day management of the project -paying particular attention to quality, scope, schedule, budget, resources, health and safety and risk.



One of the many things we enjoy about our work is the wide-reaching application of our steel. We've been fortunate to have been involved in a number of projects that are across the following industry sectors: architectural, commercial, health and education, industrial, infrastructural, sport, recreation and tourism.

Career Opportunities

Given the different types of work we do, and the varied applications our steel is used in, there's a variety of career opportunities for those looking to get into our line of work.  

Take a look at our careers section where we explain the different types of work, the people most suited for these roles and examples of the applications our steel is used in.

If you've got any questions, or your school or polytechnic would like to organise a visit, please get in touch with us. We wish all those entering the engineering space a successful career!

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