New Daito Beamline Machine & a Building Extension To Go With It!

October 26, 2023

We’ve always invested heavily in technology and plant to support our people to do their jobs most efficiently and safely. The introduction of our new Daito Beamline machine is no different. It’s a critical component in allowing us to provide our clients with the best possible solution and service.


Keeping in line with our emphasis on quality control, we always research extensively any technology before we purchase it to make sure it’s going to make our process and the end results better, for all stakeholders involved.  We were the first in the world to acquire the combined Daito DCM Coping and Drill Machine - the Daito DCM 1100. This machine has served us well to date, but our new purchase allows us to continue to improve and increase our capabilities.

(Daito is made in Japan and is a premier manufacturer of structural steel drilling, sawing and coping machines).

Daito Beamline Machine Solution

Our new Daito Beamline machine solution sees us have both the Daito CUD CNC Drill and Daito GTR Band Saw, side by side in the workshop. By having both machines, we get the ultimate in both drilling and sawing capability.

There are a number of benefits for our people, our clients and our projects from these machines, including speed, safety, increased capabilities and increased automation of the fabrication process that are improvements on our previous model. All these benefits combine to make a much more efficient and safer fabrication process.

Ben Jensen, Finance Manager of Jensen Steel Fabricators explains “We set ourselves a very high standard when it comes to quality, safety and delivery and we found these Daito machines support us in our ethos.  It allows our fabrication team to have access to a greater range of production capacity and automation.  The team are very excited to embed these machines into our fabrication process!”.

Daito Carbon Ultimate Drill (CUD) CNC Drill

This drill unit is designed specifically for the drilling of structural steel sections. The technology, quality and automation of this drill means it’s a perfect tool for us.

As well as the drill features we’re accustomed to being enhanced in this model, it has ultra-fast layout marking. In our business, having clean, fast and precise weld layout markings is vital.  The automation in this drill will save time and will also reduce any human errors, allowing us to be even more efficient.

Daito GTR Band Saw

This digital CNC mitre bandsaw is one of the fastest and most reliable structural saws available, which is advantageous to us while fabricating.  Safety is extremely important to us at Jensen Steel Fabricators, so having complete automation with the parts remover is a gamechanger for us.  The saw can automatically remove trim cuts, short parts and remnants of any size or shape.  

Building Extension

Our fabrication workshop on Te Maire Street, Mount Maunganui has recently been extended by 1100 sqm to accommodate our new purchase! What was previously canopy has now been extended and enclosed, now providing us with a brand new workshop space.

Find out more about the technology and plant we use when delivering our structural steel projects.

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