Our Collective Fundraiser for Wish4Fish Charity

December 19, 2022

Key companies involved in Project Basalt (Winstone GIBFactory) collectively pledged $25,000 for the Wish4Fish Charity. Bryce Dinneen is the founder of the Wish4Fish Charity. From a young boy to an adult, Bryce has enjoyed the experience of fishing, the many ebbs and flows of emotions that happen.

In 2007, Bryce suffered a high-level spinal injury, severely damaging his spinal cord, from a shallow water diving accident. While he was rehabilitating, Bryce wondered if he could design and build a boat that would allow individuals with a disability or illness to get out on the water and go fishing.  It was at this point in2007 that the 'Wish4Fish' dream was born!

JensenSteel Fabricators likes to give back to the local communities it's part of, where it can. So when Fletcher Construction asked companies involved in ProjectBasalt to get behind Wish4Fish, we were onboard!  Jensen Steel Fabricators, donated $3,500which will allow 10 children to experience the magic of fishing.

Those involved in the project were also fortunate to have Bryce come out to the construction site, where he spoke about safety, at home and at work. He shared his story will well over 230 people on site.

Wish4Fish is an amazing cause, helping those with physical disabilities or mental unwellness get out on the water and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of our ocean! The benefits for the recipients goes much beyond a day on the water.

If you'd like to learn more about Wish4Fish visit

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