Tauriko is Thriving!

February 27, 2023

Tauriko is a thriving community for locals to live, work, learn and play, with more development on the way! The transformation of this area has been immense.

The Lakes residential housing area, the retail hub 'Tauranga Crossing' as well as many businesses across several sectors, call this place home. Many in the industrial, manufacturing, agricultural and retail sectors in particular, have found Tauriko to be an ideal location with its great proximity and access to Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland, as well as having the land size required for their often large premises.

The Name

Tauriko is a name most of us are familiar with these days, but where did the name Tauriko come from?

A great explanation comes from an article on Radio NZ (RNZ) website "A once-thriving local saw milling industry inspired the naming of the Tauranga suburb 'Tauriko'. The business name ‘Tauranga Rimu Timber Company’ seemed a bitlong-winded so sawmill operators, the Gamman brothers shortened the name to Tau-Ri-Co.  The letter ‘C’ is not a consonant in the Māori language so it was replaced with the letter ‘K’ which formed the contracted name 'Tauriko' a suburb on the outskirts of Tauranga."

Construction Projects

Jensen Steel Fabricators is fortunate to have been involved in a number of construction projects at Tauriko including Tauranga Crossing, Winstone GIB Plant, The Lineage Cold Store, NZ Post, Cubro, MPAC, Gilmours, NZI Transport, Intertruck, Newline and NZL Group.

Working locally and being involved in projects that help shape the communities and being part of the growth in these areas, is something we never take for granted, and something we're immensely proud of. It’s a great feeling for our team to be part of large scale projects that often become landmarks for the area.

What's Coming Up?

We're excited to be involved in some upcoming projects out at Tauriko too and will keep you updated on the progress of these. One in particular is the new Harvey Norman building. Watch this space!

If you'd like to see more on the Tauriko projects we've been involved in and to keep up to date on our new projects, view the Projects section of our website.

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