KiwiRail Bridge 48 - Apata

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  • This KiwiRail Bridge 48 project was a huge challenge for the team at Jensen Steel. Having never taken on a bridge project of this sort before, it was a steep learning curve.

  • The scale of the bridge sections were the most obvious hurdle among many to get over. The largest section weighed in at nearly 60 tonne, with two smaller sections weighing 25 tonne each. Following fabrication, the bridge had to be driven to site with the aid of a Jinker Trailer unit, and once on site the HEB Construction site team and Jensen Steel welders had a 24 hour window to rip out the old bridge and install the new Bridge 48, before the next train was due to roll through!

  • The Bridge 48 Project was used by Jensen Steel as the Pilot Project in which they would be assessed on for ISO Standard 3834. The Quality systems in place and standard of workmanship displayed meant Jensen Steel achieved "ISO 3834 Construction Category 4", the highest level that can be accredited. Jensen Steel was one of the first two companies nation-wide to achieve this.
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